press box services official stats for texas high school sports
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About Us

As an initiative of the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA), Pressbox Services is the OFFICIAL source for Texas high school athletics and sports information. Pressbox Services provides fans, media, coaches and the players themselves with timely and accurate information about high school sports in the state of Texas.

When it comes down to real-time scores and deep statistics, Pressbox Services is the unbeatable source of sports scores and information for Texas high school football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer.

Developed by sports technology provider Inc. and in partnership with athletics software provider ACS Athletics, Pressbox Services provides Texas high school coaches with a time-saving solution to managing their teams and scoring games.

Pressbox Services provides these FREE tools to Texas high school teams:

  • Official live scores delivered directly in real-time from the actual game using downloadable scoring applications.
  • Deep statistical content just by scoring a game, such as: detailed game reports and box scores to print and send, live game results, standings, district leaders, and team leaders.
  • Fan favorites feature that allows you to save your favorite teams for quick and easy retrieval.
  • Coach admin tools that allow coaches and other authorized staff the ability to update team rosters and schedules, post news stories, photos, videos, and manage team information.
  • Up-to-date news on the goings-on around Texas high school sports.


"Pressbox Services' scoring application is an easy way to keep the statistics for the season and to see what your opponents are doing as well. It's just easy-to-use; it's a great program, better than doing it all by hand. " -- Coach Brent Gillum (Statistician for State Champion Euless Trinity Trojans, Freshman Football Coach)

"Pressbox Services and the Football Scoring Application make keeping up with stats easier on the entire coaching staff (Offensive, Defensive, special teams, and everyone also). It is a great way for fans and scouts to keep up with players. Also, for fans who can't make it to the away games, they can watch the games live online." -- Coach Shannon Sullivan (Statistician for Cedar Hill Longhorns football team, Head Softball Coach)